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When moving into a newly purchased or rented house, or business premise, painting the walls is often necessary to increase the aesthetic appeal of the room as well as to personalize it to your specific needs. Most vacant premises usually come with walls that have been painted with neutral colors. Therefore, painting must be done before the new tenants or owners move in. The following tips are from Kamloops painters at  to help the average home owner or renter.

1. Preparing the Room

If you want to paint the walls in your living room, it is important that you clear the area. Take every piece of furniture, electronic equipment and carpet to the garage, or outside the house. Anything that is difficult to carry should be moved to the center of the room and covered with tarp, polythene or any other type of cover that may be available. Once you are done with the floor, you must also remove all forms of decoration from the walls. This includes paintings, pictures, art pieces, lighting fixtures, indoor climbing plants and curtains among others.

2. Cleaning

New paint should never be applied onto dirty surfaces. For this reason, surface cleaning should always be done. Before painting kitchen and bathroom walls, be sure to wash them using a solution of cleaning detergent, such as liquid sugar soap. This will get rid of mold, dirt, smoke stains and grease. Dust from other walls can be removed using a vacuum cleaner or towel. Cobwebs should also be removed from all the surfaces. The old paint should be inspected to ensure that it is not peeled, flaked or cracked. If it is compromised, you will have to remove it. A paint scrapper or wire brush can be used to get rid of flaked or cracked paint. Application of the new paint should not be done unless the debris from the oil paint has been removed from the room.

3. Surface Preparation

The surface to be painted must be smooth and without any holes or cracks. Nail holes and cracks on the walls should be covered with interior filler before painting. Give the filler up to five minutes to dry before smoothing the surface with sand paper. To ensure that the floor of the room does not get stained, be sure to cover the edges with a disposable roll of paper. Alternatively, you can use old newspapers.

4. Priming

To obtain a professional finish, you must prime the surfaces that you want to paint. If the walls are already covered with a water-based paint, there is no need of priming as you can paint over it. However, you must prime any surface that is covered with an oil-based paint.

Once you have applied the primer, you will be ready to commence your painting project. Be sure to wear gloves and goggles when doing the cleaning, filling, priming and painting. And if you need help call a professional Kamloops residential painting service company or call directly to Kampc painters.

Hiring a photographer for your special occasion can be a tricky ordeal but if you really know what to look for, then it shouldn’t be difficult to get an excellent photographer. Detailed below are a number of things that you ought to look for in order to get yourself a good photographer:

  • Dedication& passion: Photography is one of professions that require one to be very passionate and dedicated to whatever they are doing. This means that it’s important to look for a photographer who eats, drinks and sleeps photography to take photos at your special occasion. A photographer who is passionate about their career is likely to deliver very nice photographs to you simply because they are not doing it just for the money but also for the love of what they do and for the joy of satisfying their customers. You should at all costs avoid hiring a photographer who is just in it for the money. Such a photographer is likely to take photographs in a hurry in order to quickly move on to another client and make more money. The result of taking photos hurriedly would be mediocre photos that are not at all pleasing to the eye.


  • Attention to detail:  In order for a photographer to take photos that will be appealing to the eye, they have to pay attention to the finest of details. Any professional photographer with a wealth of experience can tell you that ignoring little things that don’t seem important in a photo shoot can be the difference between an appealing photograph and a not so appealing one. It is therefore important to hire keen photographers in order to experience a successful photo shoot.


  • Expertise: Before hiring a professional photographer, you first of all need to know the kind of photos that you want. This is important as it will enable you to choose a Kamloops wedding photographer who is an expert in the area of photo shooting that you need. For example, if you want wildlife photos, you need not go for a photographer who specializes in weddings. Instead, look for a photographer who is an expert at taking wildlife/animal photos for best results.


  • Attentive to the subject matter: Ensure that you hire a Kamloops wedding photographer who does not get out of context during his or her photo shoots. A good photographer must be able to fully focus on the subject matter that needs to be photographed without straying into other unwanted areas. Only a professional photographer with years of experience can be able to capture the subject matter perfectly without wavering. Whenever you keenly look at a photograph that has been taken by an amateur, there is always something that seems out of context.

In conclusion, always interrogate a photographer before you hire them and get to know their background and experience. You may also ask your family and friends to help you in getting a good photographer who will deliver quality pictures.


Best Calgary PavingWhen choosing a paving company it is important to take a number of factors into consideration. For example, the Calgary paving company you choose should not only have demonstrated experience in similar types of jobs, but they should have an excellent rating with the local Better Business Bureau as well as references from previous customers. Of course, a paving company should also carry the appropriate licensing and insurance in order to provide the protection you need.

Other important considerations when choosing a paving company is their expertise in the industry. While there are always new start-up companies and companies that have just not made a name for themselves yet, the expertise of the paver’s is something one needs to take very seriously.

When you want an asphalt job with quality results, the company you choose is extremely important. Not only should they have experienced paver’s, but they should have the latest equipment that is well maintained and they should always make use of high quality materials. As with most things, poor materials or workmanship is going to result in a poor asphalt job. Whereas quality materials in the hands of experienced paver’s will ensure you get the very best asphalt application possible.

The quality of the finished job will also rely on the application of the materials. It is preferable that the asphalt be laid in two separate applications with high pressure machinery used to ensure excellent adherence and longevity. Companies that purchase inferior products or who try to pave with a single application will not deliver the same professional results as a paving company that takes the extra steps necessary to ensure you get the very best results.

Of course, an important part of hiring any contractor, including Calgary paving, is their ability to treat the relationship in a professional manner. The paving company you hire should be able to answer your questions and give you the information you need in order to feel confident that you have made the right choice. A professional paving contractor will take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction in every job they perform.

A paving company that takes pride in the performance of their work will ensure that their employees have the training to deliver exceptional results. Regardless of how good the contractor is with paving, if the workers that get sent to your job site are inexperienced and lack the necessary training, the results you receive will likely not be satisfactory. Prior to hiring a contractor, be sure to find out who will be doing the work and the level of training and experience they have with similar jobs.

Best Kamloops SEOGoogle is the top search engine in the world right now, which means that only those sites that have a good ranking in Google for certain keywords will show up during searches. Businesses must walk a fine line when it comes to advertising and SEO practices to ensure that their site shows up and has a good ranking, but to also ensure that their SEO practices are up to Google’s standards. If Google scours the internet and finds your site has questionable SEO practices then you may incur penalties, such as losing ranking.

Google Penalties

A Google penalty is a negative impact that will occur on a website’s search rankings. This can be implemented via Google’s search algorithms or a manual review. The punishment for questionable practices also known as black-hat SEO techniques can happen after an algorithm update or could come in the form of a direct penalization from Google. The way to avoid Google penalties is to ensure that you and your site are abiding by the web master guidelines.


Because the internet is constantly changing, so are Google’s web master guidelines. That is why it is so important to stay up to date on proper techniques and strategies regarding rankings. Otherwise your site could end up penalized after an update. A lot of websites had to change their strategies after the Google Panda and Google Penguin update. If you believe your site may have been affected by a Google penalty you can double check this by using your Google Web master Tools. You can also verify a drop in ranking by analyzing the timing of a traffic drop with a coinciding Google update. If your site has been penalized after an update you will notice a drop in traffic on a certain page, your whole site, or a drop on certain keywords. This is why it is so important to keep an eye on your webmaster tools and stay tuned for Google updates. Another strategy to ensure that your site is not penalized is to have a qualified reputable SEO company handle your search engine optimization and advertising needs.

Getting a good ranking for keywords and your website can be difficult. There is a lot of time, energy, and money that goes into boosting rankings. Don’t let a simple Google update ruin your sites credibility and ranking. Stay on top of good SEO practices and enlist the help of an SEO company to ensure your site is in good standing with Google.



SEOThe Internet has made it possible for massive amounts of information to be available for all. Businesses, in particular, have made the most of this platform by establishing strong online presence. Now people can simply browse websites to learn more about products and services. Search engines like Google and Bing may be used to look for anything under the sun. However, doing business on the Web is getting more competitive by the minute as millions of different pages compete for attention. As is usually the case, necessity drives invention, and so search engine optimization or SEO was developed.

So what is SEO? It is a multitude of techniques designed to increase the likelihood of being included in result pages. The most successful service providers can push a webpage to the very top of the results. Most people click on the first few items on the list so being among the leading items is crucial. Those who manage to break into the top tier get great traffic and sizeable sales figures. Of course, this is easier said than done. Search engines tend to be very secretive about their algorithms. Yet there are certain basics that hold true for good search engine optimization:



1. Reputation

SEO can be done on-page or off-page. The best example of the latter is link-building which is tied to a site’s reputation. Since a lot of pages have similar content, search engines prioritize their listing according to their perceived authoritativeness on the matter. This is often measured through the number of other sites linking to a page. The quality of these links matter as well. For example, Wikipedia, educational institutions, established companies, highly visited sites, and the like are seen to be authorities on a number of subjects so a link-back from them is beneficial. On the other hand, having a thousand links from spam sites will not do any good and may even be detrimental.

2. Title and Tags

Target keywords should be prominent on the page. Search engine crawlers must be able to see them several times, especially on vital elements such as the page title. They do not have to occur in the same way every time. Slight modifications are acceptable and may help the engine in determining the context of the keyword’s usage. Meta tags are another important element. In the past, SEOs were extremely focused on stuffing their tags with keywords to the point that things got out of hand. They are no longer as vital in the current algorithms but Google sometimes uses well-written tags as snippets to describe a page on the search results.

3. Content

Content will always be the king. The technical aspects of SEO serves the purpose of pushing a page upwards on the results list but it is the contents that will ultimately determine if people will stay or go. The things which are written on the page should be relevant to the keywords used. They should be able to help visitors find answers to their questions. If all a page does is serve up spam for the purposes of getting ad clicks, then visitors will never come back. Algorithms are also getting better at detecting whether a site contains useful information or not. Spam sites may be blocked automatically.

4. Images

Aside from the text, content creators should think about the images that they use. Google Image Search is a very popular tool which can generate a lot of clicks if the site is optimized for it. Make sure that the pictures are relevant to the topic on the page and that each has adequate descriptor tags. Technology has not yet evolved to the point where images can be analyzed and contextualized by themselves so text descriptions are vital. When generating the images, save them in a web-friendly format like PNG, JPG or GIF which have much smaller file sizes compared to BMP or TIFF. This will allow the page to load quickly, minimizing wait time for visitors.

Kamloops is a fast-growing city where business is booming and consumers are eager to spend. If you don’t have one yet, boost sales by having one built by a reputable Kamloops SEO professional. Old sites can also be optimized to increase effectiveness.